Thursday, April 27, 2006


Distractions as the end nears....

So this past Tuesday night I had my last law school class ever. It was a joyous feeling, but one that hasn’t quite hit me yet – mostly because of the lingering bar exam. In fact, I doubt that it will hit me until August, after I finish taking the bar. I feel like I’ve been on cruise control for the past few months now – just going to class and making sure that I meet deadlines, but not stressing out about anything. That includes the final project that I just turned in for one class and the final exam that I have coming up in a little over a week. I couldn’t even convince myself to read through and edit the final project one more time.

Tomorrow is the big symposium event for the journal for which I am an editor. I’m planning on doing an article about being an editor on a journal for a future post, but right now I think that I’d just like to take a break from lecturing on my thoughts on various aspects of law school to discuss my current state of mind as my law school career comes to a close. The main things that I’m feeling right now are:

(1) Oh my God, I’m almost done with law school. What a relief.
(2) Do I actually have to study for this law final exam? What a waste of time this is; I could be using this time to study for the bar exam – or at least enjoying the NBA playoffs.
(3) That’s right…I should probably start looking at some bar exam materials so that signing up for the PMBR (another bar prep class like Kaplan) isn’t a complete waste.
(4) What’s the weather like outside? Are the Cubs or Tigers playing? Are the Pistons going to even lose one game during the playoffs (*knock on wood*)?
(5) Can’t wait to go the KY derby in a week! Who’s the favorite?
(6) Oh my God, I’m almost done with law school. What a relief.

So as you can see, I’m not really focused on classes or final exams right now. I would say that this is the same mindset that 95% of third-year students. Should I be focused? Maybe. Why would I want to? Make sure that I graduate at the level that I was striving for throughout my law school career and, more basically, make sure that I don’t embarrass myself. Overall, though, I’ve realized that these grades don’t really matter unless you are still trying to get a job or would like some extra “insurance” in case you believe you will be switching jobs and that your future employers would hone in on your GPA.

I was talking to a friend the other day about the difference between right now and first-year. “I can’t even imagine how we stayed at the library from 8am until 10pm for weeks at a time. How did we do it?” To which the response was: “Because we were worried and there were consequences to not doing your best.” That made me feel much better as I see the bar exam looming on the horizon. And I think that’s just it – there will be consequences to not doing my best on the bar exam and I worry about them. That should be enough to get my butt out of bed early every morning (in the summer in Chicago!), head down to a Bar/Bri review class, spend hours going over outlines, and then more hours going over review questions, and then do it all over again – for 12-14 weeks. We’ll see….

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