Friday, May 19, 2006


The blue bus is callin' us, driver where you takin' us?

As I went to blogger to put up another post, "The End" by The Doors came up on my stereo. I guess it seems appropriate since I will be graduating in two days. Yet at the same time it's really what I would call "The Awful Middle" - aka the time leading up to the bar exam. After turning in my final paper last Friday, I decided that I needed to get a head start on the MBE (multistate bar exam) portion of the bar by listening to some audio lectures provided by PMBR (one of the bar review programs). So I spent around 60 hours this past week listening to those lectures on the six main areas for the MBE - contracts, real property, criminal law, constitutional law, torts, and evidence. Not the most fun I've ever had, but it needed to be done and I feel much more confident heading into the next 10 weeks.

I thought that I would be much more exicited about graduating, but unfortunately all I can think about is the bar exam. I posted the schedule on the back of my door. It's pretty scary - about 10 hours of studying each day, though I do get Independence Day off. Great....

Anyways, I'm going to relax tonight and root on the Pistons - hopefully they won't get embarrassed again. We'll have to see.

"Waiting for the summer rain..........."

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