Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Fast forward a little bit from the last posting and here I am: sitting in the library with a little over four hours before my last ever final exam. I am saying to myself, like I almost always do a few hours before the exam, “I just want to take this now and get it over.” That’s when I usually know that I’m ready to take the exam – except being a third year now might skew that reasoning. Even though each time I look through my notes I seem to tweak one little thing in my “mini-outline” (that’s actually 20 pages of material in size 9-font with 0.13 inch margins), I really just want to take the exam now. The Pistons game has been TIVOed (a new verb), and I’m just looking forward to relaxing while watching Big Ben swat another Lebron James shot. Unfortunately, I do have one last final paper to turn in, but that should be completed in two days or so and I’m not really stressed out about it at all.

I was going to try to do a comparison of studying for final exams during second semester of third year to first semester of first year, but there’s just too many variables. I actually have studied quite a bit for the exam I’m about to take, but it is tough to compare when you only have one exam instead of the normal five. I do know that I’ve been taking my time in getting up, going down to the library, and coming home rather early each day – which is nothing like first year.

One last thing about the title to this blog is that I’ve learned that there’s no real “light at the end of the tunnel” until you retire – and that’s only a “maybe.” Of course, after this “final final exam” I have my “final final paper” to write. Then I almost immediately go into studying for the bar exam. And after that it’s time to start my career. Wow, in reading that sentence back I sound like a complete pessimist. I didn’t mean it to be that way – I just wanted to point out that it is good to look to “endpoints” in time, but to also be a realist and understand that work basically continues forever.

One more last look over my mini-outline, through my flowchart, into the exam room, and through the tunnel…until I wake up tomorrow morning.

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