Wednesday, May 31, 2006


School or Work

The question of whether I would rather be in school or in work has come up quite often over the past few months. I think that this is mostly because my friends who have been working since the end of college think about how I'm STILL in school (or at least in the school setting), but it also is coming up more and more because having an actual job is just a couple months away. The typical response from people who work seems to be: "I'd rather be in school. You can get up whenever you want. You don't have to worry about your boss. You're learning new things that you care about. You can even take the summer off." The typical response from people who are in school seems to be: "I'd rather be working; at least then I get a pay check and usually have free time on the weekends." I just thought that was kind of funny. I guess that people seem to focus more on the bad aspects of their daily routine than the good. I think that my answer is that I enjoyed being in school while I was there, but now I'm a little tired of it and ready to get out of debt.

I guess that my relevant thought in regard to an undergraduate reading this blog would be that you should really think through going back to school (or continuing in school). There are a lot of people that I know who are in jobs and are sick of their job, but instead of trying to find a new job, they decide to go back to school. Usually this happens without the person thinking through why they are going back to school and what their plan is on using the new degree that they are seeking. Going back to school not only takes up a lot of time, it also throws you into additional debt. Going back to school just for the heck of it - and with little advancement in pay - doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Just a warning.

Another note is that this doesn't really apply to going to college because college has, for some, become a no-brainer following high school. Additionally, most employers are looking for a college degree for many, many jobs. In fact, I found it interesting that when I think about a lot of people I know who went straight to work out of college there are only a handful who are truly using any particular skills that they learned in undergrad for their jobs. The ones that are are usually people in finance or engineers. I'm sure that there's a ton of other professions that I'm forgetting, but for the most part it seems to ring true with the people that I know. I guess that just shows that if you are getting a degree in undergrad that you really don't have a strong feeling for anymore, it's not a big deal.

Anyways, I'm just in the middle of my bar review routine (see below post). It's pretty boring so I figured that I should write about something other than my day-to-day activities. As always, please post a comment if you'd like a discussion of anything particular regarding law school. I'll try to get back to filling out some of my general thoughts on first year, second year, and third year in future posts.

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