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A Day In The Life of a 1L cont.

So I finally decided to go back and fill in some of the "Day in the Life of a 1L" stuff that I left out from my April 19th posting.

After the first few nerve-racking days of figuring out where your classes are and what the hell briefing a case means, you start to get into a pattern for how each day will be. The first couple of months are similar to undergrad (well, except if you go to a "commuter-type" school where you can't just roll out of bed and go to class in your pjs). You wake up whenever you need to (first year classes are prescheduled so you'll probably have a 9am or 11am start time for your first class). After class you usually browse over the reading that you did the previous night to get ready for the upcoming afternoon class. Then you'll have an afternoon class and go home. Once home it's dinner, then probably about 60-80 pages of reading and then free time to do what you want. It's pretty similar to undergrad except that (1) the reading assignments are much longer and more difficult to understand and (2) there seems to be much more reviewing before class in law school (to make sure you're not embarrassed when you get called on). There's quite a bit of free time (relatively), especially on the weekends and you should take advantage of it while you can.

Generally, sometime in mid-October or early November people start outlining for their classes (I'll try doing a whole blog on outlining soon). Early on you can do much of the outlining with free time during the weekends. Later on, come mid-November, you'll probably be in full study mode. This means that basically all systems are shut down except to go to class and study. The earlier you start outlining the less you have to do later, but you don't want to burn yourself out too early either. For me, I tried to make sure that I was relaxed and having fun up until early November and then I got down to work. Mid-November daily life was: Wake up, go to class, outline, go to my other class, then stay late at the library outlining and reading for the next day's classes. My weekends consisted of: waking up and outlining (sometimes showering and eating). That's just what I needed to do to succeed in my first year. Some people can probably borrow an outline and either be smart enough (or a good enough writer) to not have to do a lot of studying or not really care about their grades. It really depends.

Well, I should get back to the world of Constitutional Law...I thought that I had left it in first year, but it has come back...

Hey there, I'm a student at the University of Florida about to graduate and starting to seriously consider law school. Just wanted to let you know I'm reading and appreciate the wisdom of the elders (relatively speaking).

Here's a question for you - how relevant are specializations and how easy is it to get a job in a specialized field? A major interest of mine is intellectual property. Is it naive to think that going through school with an IP specialization will land me a job doing IP work?

Thanks, I'll be reading!
Hey Jonesuf,

Sorry for the delay if you posted awhile ago. Great question. I promise I'll do a posting about it either tonight or tomorrow.
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