Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Day or Night?

One issue that many people thinking about law school (or grad school in general) may face is whether to enroll in the Day Division or Night Division (i.e. Part Time). The following are my general thoughts on the matter.

In general, I would say that the Day experience is better. The pros include: (1) ability to focus on your studies during first year without having to spend a great deal of time at a job (note: I say during 1st year because many people in the day division take part-time jobs during the year for 2nd and 3rd years); (2) more possibility to bond and get to know classmates in your section (tougher in night division because of amount of work); (3) better chance of landing a job from an on-campus interview (just seems that way from my personal experience and most firms’ summer associate programs are set up for students graduating in three years) (sidenote: I really think that it’s true if you’re planning on getting an MBA); (4) you graudate (usually) within 3 years; and (5) you feel that you are a student in the school, administrators cater to you, etc.

Unfortunately, the main reason that people “choose” to be in the Night Division is that they don’t have a choice about it. Maybe they want to keep their job or maybe they can’t afford to quit their job to go back to school and take on more debt. However, as you can probably tell by my reasoning above, it is not the end of the world if someone decides to go to night school. The benefits are not major and it should not be a main reason to not pursue a degree in law if that’s what you really want.

LIFE UPDATE: I also realize that one purpose of these UofM Alumni Association blogs is to give students a feel for what life is like in various “professions” after graduating from college. Unfortunately, my life isn’t the most exciting thing in the world as I am still merely studying for the bar exam every single day. Maybe once I start working I’ll have something to write about, but as of right now it’s just bar review course followed by library followed by review of notes followed by practice tests each and every day.

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